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Getting started with Kaeri TV

If you’re interested in signing up for Kaeri TV, you’re in the right place! To learn more about Kaeri TV, select an option from the list below:

What is KaeriTV?

KaeriTV is the streaming of Japanese BS, CS channels included with 28 days replay.

How much does Kaeri TV cost?

Prices for a Kaeri TV subscription can vary depending on the type of subscription you sign up for:

Monthly subscription: Sign up for Kaeri TV for US$16 to US$28/month. Annual subscription: Pay US$153 to US$238/year for one year of access to Kaeri TV

Does Kaeri TV offer free trials?

Kaeri TV does offer a 3 days free trial at sign up.

Where is Kaeri TV available?

Kaeri TV is available for streaming in certain countries/regions worldwide. Except following countries/regions: Japan, China and Northern Europe

Before signing up, check to make sure Kaeri TV is available in your region.

What’s included in my Kaeri TV subscription?

With KaeriTV, you get:

  • There are 3 plans selection

  • 91 Japanese live channels up with 28 days replay

  • 1080P HD picture quality (compatible equipment required)

  • Download feature for watching office

  • 14 days future of TV Program schedule

How do I get started with Kaeri TV?

Ready to sign up? Before you do so, you’ll need to make sure you have a supported device and a valid method of payment.

How do I sign up for Kaeri TV?

You can sign up on Japanese Tv | Kaeri Tv from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

For more detail, please click the following link Signing up for Kaeri TV

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