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My browser will not let me download the installer .exe file for KaeriTV

The file should have automatically downloaded but the browser is seeking your confirmation on whether you would like to keep it due to security concerns. Please rest assured that files from KaeriTV are virus and trojan-free.

To bypass the security warning, please take the following steps:

1. Click “Download for Windows PC,” and proceed with the download as usual.

2. When the download is completed, you should see a warning in the top right corner of your browser that says: “KaeriTV_1.0.0.1.exe isn’t commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust KaeriTV_1.0.0.1.exe before you open it.” If you accidentally dismissed the message, you can always retrieve it from the “Downloads” page of your browser.

3. Move your cursor to the message and you should see a trash can symbol and three dots. Click the three dots for more options.

4. A pull-down menu will appear. Choose “Keep”.

5. Another warning will appear. Click on the downward arrow beside “Show more” for more options.

6. Choose “Keep anyway”

7. Your completed download should appear in your browser and in your download destination folder. You can choose to open the file from your browser to proceed with the installation.

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