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Managing internet connection speeds

If you’re having connection issues or can’t play the shows and movies you love on Kaeri TV, the first thing you should do is run a speed test to check the strength of your connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider to discuss your options if your results fail to meet our recommended speeds.

If you passed the speed test and are still experiencing connectivity issues, please try these additional steps:

1. Close all apps or programs

2. If you’re using a wireless connection, move your device closer to the Wi-Fi source If possible, connect your device directly to the router with an Ethernet cable

3. Power-off all other devices connected to your home network

4. Perform a power cycle of your device, modem, and router

5. Open Kaeri TV and test your connection by playing a video

If you’re still running into trouble watching Kaeri TV after following the above, we recommend referring to our video playback troubleshooting steps. For even further assistance, please contact us via email or Whatsapp.

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